Export Finance

IAC offers to clients in Ghana financing facilities to enable them import capital equipment and related services for their medium and long term capital projects through BNP.
Such financing may be granted directly by the Bank (or a group of Banks) to a Ghanaian buyer (or a borrower acting on behalf of a buyer). Ghanaian bank acts on behalf of the Ghanaian buyer who is purchasing goods and services from an offshore supplier
The financing facilities enable local companies and public organisations to procure all kinds of plant and equipment (i.e. individual equipment units, complete production units, industrial complexes, Infrastructural installations) including related engineering and commissioning services from their preferred suppliers at the lowest financing cost.
IAC leveraged on BNP’s Paribas global network of offices. Customers were able to source their purchases from all the leading exporting countries, including the OECD markets as well as Brazil, China, India, South Africa etc

Types of Export Finance

Buyer’s Credit - In most of the countries of OECD and some non-OECD countries, these credits may benefit from state export assistance in the form of a credit risk insurance from an Export Credit Agency (ECA) possibly accompanied by interest subsidy mechanism (granted by an entity duly mandated by the government of the exporting country) in order to offer the borrower a fixed rate loan.
Commercial Loan – a loan package to finance all or part of the commercial contract not financed by the Buyer's Credit. This type of facility is not subject to the constraints of buyer’s credits.
Mixed Credit – a combination of grants and conventional loans (ie Buyer’s Credit) to achieve "soft" or concessionary loan terms.


Our Export Finance transactions can be structured to benefit from a wide range of security packages including sovereign guarantees, bank guarantees and corporate guarantees
Clients in both the private and public sectors can access attractive long term funding for both start-up and expansion projects via export finance transactions.
Eligible export financing transactions range in size from US$10 million to US$200 million and beyond.